A Hectic Morning

A Very Late Breakfast

I had stayed up late and the night before and had slept late.  I had just finished my first meal of the day and was checking messages.  I was feeling a bit down because I had submitted some pieces to one of my favorite organizations and had not gotten into their show.  Instead I was finishing my second cup of hot coffee and checking messages.  I noticed a call I had missed, no name, just a number.  I would usually ignore it because it was most likely sales or political asking for money.  This one, because it was in Texas, I thought I would return.

It was the Round Rock Arts Council asking me where I was and why I was not delivering my art to 10 Years of IMAGINE.


The 2017 Show at the Old Bakery and Emporium is about to close. I pick up what has not been sold on Thursday. It was a good show, well hung.  The people are very good there, particularly Kay Hughes who was a consistent help throughout. I include just some of the …

Three in Show

I guess it was worth the effort.   Cornering the Gold Market, Prince’s Star, and Encouragement, have all been accepted in Round Rock Arts next Juried show, the Fall Photography and Sculpture Exhibit.  Round Rock Arts have been very good to me over the last two years.  We will see how it …