My latest, with some of the 45 colors required.

Thank you for staying with me through this time of transition.  I am reworking my site so as to more easily communicate with you all the new art and events that come my way.  Here I will also try to convey some of my thoughts as to images that come to mind and ways I struggle to bring them to fruition.

While the original design begins in the computer, this is the final process, that of stringing out the layers of color in each of the shapes.

It is time consuming, but rewarding as I see the patterns take shape.  The placement on screws of some layers are easy to see.  Others are impossible, and require counting each screw to set the placement correctly.

Tying the knots

I am still discovering how each placement of screws changes the ultimate patternas in the small triangle in this pattern or in tree, threading over only a smaller selection of screws changes patterns profoundly.

I hope you enjoy the changes in my website, and can gain some insight into the processes I use.


Taping down the errant ends
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