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First Circle

When  I first began this exploration, it was important to me to begin to understand how the shape of the posts or screws affected the creation of curves within the thread structure.  So I began, sitting in a coffee shop in Santa Barbara with a cork board, pins, thread and cups of coffee.

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First Square

Circles began the exploration, which were pretty obvious, mandala’s came to mind.  Triangles came  next and squares, which turned out very interesting.

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First Triangle
An exploration in overlapping

But these all had focus points primarily in the center.  They were also all generally regular shapes.

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Looking into the possibility of a Yin Yang. I was not happy with the result. The problem is in the spacing necessary for the posts between the two shapes.

So more days of coffee, pins and thread, exploring different shapes that came to mind and seeing how color affected the images.

Strangely, the greatest problem in the beginning was not the patterns, the threads, the colorsthe screws.

Cutting a circle created the Fishtail

It was the framing.


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