Sliding and Falling

As you can see, the slider at the top of this page is up and operating.  I have yet to load it with many entertaining and beautiful photos of the process and my creations but an interesting thing happened the other day.  It started out on a very high note.

Fine Thread art by Rob Monroe.  Title "Layer 13"  Thirteen layers of interlaced black and white thread in two overlapping circles, each focusing at the same point.
Level 13
Tree - $450

“Tree” and “Layer 13” were both accepted in the [IMAGINE] 2015 show making the third show accepting my art through the month of March.  That was a very “High” point of my day, but one that thereby needed a little balancing out.

That balancing was well and truly accomplished by my assembling a long shelf in the laundry room to hold much of my art ready for upcoming shows.  As I was just about finished loading my art onto the shelf, the drywall screws holding it to the wall decided it was not their choice to continue in that labor, and the shelf collapsed five feet to the tile floor.  Needless to say, gravity and its accompanying acceleration took its toll.  Accepting that this was inevitable, I came out pretty well.  Five frames needed to be replaced.  But only one work had to be rethreaded, and that was Tree.

Now what has that to do with my slider?  Considering that much of the damaged art was on the larger, heavier pieces that are going into shows, I have a lot of labor to do before those delivery dates, and so the work on the photos for the slider will have to wait.  You will just have to accept the demo photos I have put in until I have time to format new.


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