Endings and Beginnings

Well, two of the three shows have closed.  Much of my art is back at home, under the sectional.

Things are going slowly for a while as I am now recovering from surgery, not major, but necessary.  But the frames and bases for two more pieces are ready and will be picked up tomorrow so I will have something to do when I get home.  One will be in Golds and Greens, inspired by “Cornering the Gold Market”

Cornering the Gold Market

The other will be an exploration into a number of rectangles coming together to form a triangle.  But I   haven’t decided on the colors yet.  Perhaps purples, oranges and greens.  Secondaries.

In talking to several people at the Old Bakery and Emporium show the subject came up several times of the curves and three dimensional forms that are seen in my work.  The amusing thing is that they are not there.  The creations are made by stringing colored thread from point to point.  They are pulled taught and as we all know from Geometry class, “The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.”  There are no curves in my art.  As I say, “I create with thread and screws, curves and forms from your eye and mind.”  It is you who create my art.  I just facilitate.

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