Beginning Again and Happy Holidays

I am now firmly established in my new home.  I have repaired, put up shelving, painted, bought rugs, adjusted furniture, set up my computer system, wired speakers, and established a working space in my garage to drill all my innumerable holes.

You may remember the design I had planned for my next project.  Well, this is how

it gets printed out and used as a template to drill the plastic.  Since my printer can only print paper 13″ wide, for a pattern 24″ square I have to print each of the 4 corners and then tape them all together.  I add the rough red lines and orientation arrows to make sure they match up correctly.  I am, after all, only printing out a lot of dots.

The template is taped onto the protective paper around the plexiglass with double sided tape.  Then I drill through the dots.

 I would send you a shot of my doing that, except no one was there to take the photo.




So here is a shot of the drilled plexiglass.  I would have taped in the screws and started picking out the colors, except I did not have enough 3″ screws, so I am waiting for a delivery and you will have to wait for more photos.

I wish you all a truly lovely holiday season, a snowy white one if you are in those areas of the world, but definitely peaceful in this turbulent time.

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