Changing the Medium

I have been thinking about light and shadow lately.  My thoughts took me to the idea of a silver base and almost clear thread.  Well, finding almost clear thread was difficult.  So I thought about fishing line.

Bought a lot of it.

It is not as easy as thread.  It has a body to it that fights against knots.  But that is not the most difficult issue.  It is the light and shadow.  Since it is clear, at least semi transparent, it is far more difficult to see, particularly when I need to check levels.  It is difficult to see depth, particularly differences in small fractions of an inch.


This is it’s current state.  There are three sections to it, but as you can see, depending on the light, they seem to come and go.






Progressing will have to wait for warmer weather as we are now having lows in the mid 30’s in Austin, and my heat has been out for the last month.  I need a new furnace.  My fingers are cold.  They took 15 days to order it and I do not know how long after that it will take to install.  Somebody want to buy some art?

Tools of the trade.                                        Merry Christmas.

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