A Hectic Morning


A Very Late Breakfast

I had stayed up late and the night before and had slept late.  I had just finished my first meal of the day and was checking messages.  I was feeling a bit down because I had submitted some pieces to one of my favorite organizations and had not gotten into their show.  Instead I was finishing my second cup of hot coffee and checking messages.  I noticed a call I had missed, no name, just a number.  I would usually ignore it because it was most likely sales or political asking for money.  This one, because it was in Texas, I thought I would return.

It was the Round Rock Arts Council asking me where I was and why I was not delivering my art to 10 Years of IMAGINE.

ECLIPSE: Blues and Greens with a bright Yellow/Orange center
ECLIPSE It seemed very appropriate this year as we had that lovely eclipse through so much of the country.  The only complete one I ever saw was off of Mexico with my two boys.
YIN YANG A gossamer web of intertwined Black and White on a transparent back.

Running with Bare Feet
So, still in pajamas, I scramble around to gather the art, find some level of podium for Yin Yang as it is not for hanging, get it and Eclipse into the car, realize my pajamas have no pockets for keys or wallet, grab some pants, and hop into the car.  Off to the venue to deliver the art, fill out forms, sign paperwork, and apologize for missing my mail.  When someone asked me where my shoes were, I said, “I had to leave in a bit of a hurry.”
Now I am writing this with a cup of now very cold coffee.  It is a good show.  Painting, photography, sculpture, and my own unique form of thread.  I hope to see you all there.  Tickets and details on the opening are HERE, 10 Years of IMAGINE.

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