Things have been difficult recently.  There are two projects for which I have designs, but I have not been able to move forward.  The images I have in my head are very clear to me.  Painted wood is not an acceptable base, so I am choosing black plastic.  Unfortunately the only supplier in the Austin area has upped their prices by 13.4% over the last 3 months so that means $147.07 out of pocket before the some 200 holes are drilled, the screws placed, and the thread bought and strung.  That does not entail the custom made plexiglass frames at $125 and hour labor cost not counting materials.  This makes things difficult.  Any Patron of the Arts out there?

The design is composed of three large arcs and a circle.  This can be threaded in two completely different ways.  That element is always exciting to me.

The second design adds an additional issue.  I want it to be done in Black light sensitive Thread.  Again, that requires the black plastic backing.  The secondary issue is finding the thread.  Yellows, Oranges and Reds are easy to find.  But purples and blues are far more difficult.  I CAN find some that are fluorescent, but they come in a thicker wind of 6 threads that I then have to UNwind.  Sigh.

But here is the design for the first one with the differing threading.


I hope you can see the differences between the two threadings beyond the color differences.

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