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Constrained Purpose

Fine Thread art by Rob Monroe. Title "Layer 13" Thirteen layers of interlaced black and white thread in two overlapping circles, each focusing at the same point.

Level 13 – $500

Sangre de Cristo – $300

From my youth I have been fascinated by visual patterns, the math behind them and the detail that can be constructed.  I have greatly enjoyed exploring patterns in nature and the more detailed representations of those patterns in Fractals such as those of the infamous Mandelbrot and Julian Sets.

The results of thread suspended upon threads seem to fit into this fascination.  The constructs and their accompanying visual paths, while constrained, seem delicately complex and entertaining.

I am exploring many levels of design and color, with painted or photographic backgrounds, translucency, or the duplicating aspect of a reflective surface.  I am still excited by the range of expression that is possible.

My wish here is to show you the range of expression these constructs offer so that I may enter into a dialog with those who have interest, aiming eventually towards working together to pick patterns, colors and an arrangement of pieces which will create a thread of conversation that informs and entertains.





Let us continue the Thread