The Hub

I have been given a lovely and interesting opportunity. I now have a gallery at THE HUB in Temple Texas through Back2Basics. They will all be sold at special prices.  It is a recent opportunity and I have a LOT of work to do, picking and hanging the art and (obviously) …

A Hectic Morning

A Very Late Breakfast

I had stayed up late and the night before and had slept late.  I had just finished my first meal of the day and was checking messages.  I was feeling a bit down because I had submitted some pieces to one of my favorite organizations and had not gotten into their show.  Instead I was finishing my second cup of hot coffee and checking messages.  I noticed a call I had missed, no name, just a number.  I would usually ignore it because it was most likely sales or political asking for money.  This one, because it was in Texas, I thought I would return.

It was the Round Rock Arts Council asking me where I was and why I was not delivering my art to 10 Years of IMAGINE.


The 2017 Show at the Old Bakery and Emporium is about to close. I pick up what has not been sold on Thursday. It was a good show, well hung.  The people are very good there, particularly Kay Hughes who was a consistent help throughout. I include just some of the …

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