Princess - $300


Welcome to my site, Thread Upon Threads.

While this Welcome Page is under extensive reworking,  my mission statement “Constrained Purpose” and my Gallery await your exploration. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have regarding my creations.

The purpose of this site is to display and offer my unique form of art.  It is an exploration of the designs and constructs that are possible through the juxtaposition of straight lines.  I suppose my earliest memory of this fascination would come from a book by Norton Juster called “The Dot and The Line.  A Romance in Lower Mathematics”.  My memory of the book carries the most joy, but there exists a delightful, and quite faithful animation of the book directed by Chuck Jones.

Rose - $1800


My first foray into this medium came almost 40 years ago when I was living in Santa Fe.  I had an inordinate amount of time on my hands and the availability of my father’s tools and work space.  I created a huge piece much like Rose except there was no center ring and fewer petals.  It was made with notched wood rather than screws, was a foot larger on a side and took Months to complete.

I was living in a very small trailer at the time and obviously had little room.   My parents home had no room to display anything that large and so I negotiated with a local stereo repair shop who had a large Display window, to display it on consignment.  They gladly accepted it, unfortunately one week before they had a fire in the establishment.  Even though the fire was in the back of the store, the heat did its work on my tender threads.  I still hold the image of blackened wood with draping wisps of charred thread.

I was not to attempt it again for 40 years.

Cross - $300


Now I approach my art with a more educated eye.  While my work is far from fireproof, I have thought to put them in box frames, purely because the thought that dusting one of these pieces unenclosed would be a terribly dangerous proposition, not to think of the rather temporary joy they would give to small pets.

So here I welcome you, and offer the creations of my eye.  I hope they are as captivating to you as they are for me, and that you will enjoy my exploration of what is possible with the Curves from Lines of Thread Upon Threads.

Rob Monroe