Thread Upon Threads

Multi-Dimensional Constructs by Rob Monroe

Feb 202015
Old Bakery and Emporium

Old Bakery and Emporium

As March will be such an exciting month, I wanted to pass on some information here.  There will be a big show at the Old Bakery and Emporium through the month.  I will have over 20 pieces on display.  The reception is Friday, March 6th, 5-7PM.

But that is not all.  I also have two pieces at the Riverbend Church and two more have been accepted at the Round Rock Arts IMAGINE Show with a reception on Saturday, February 28th, 7-9:30.

So North, Central and  South Austin, my art is on display.  All this through South by Southwest.  It is an exciting time in Austin.  Come and visit.


Feb 082015

As you can see, the slider at the top of this page is up and operating.  I have yet to load it with many entertaining and beautiful photos of the process and my creations but an interesting thing happened the other day.  It started out on a very high note.

Fine Thread art by Rob Monroe.  Title "Layer 13"  Thirteen layers of interlaced black and white thread in two overlapping circles, each focusing at the same point.

Level 13

Tree - $450


“Tree” and “Layer 13″ were both accepted in the [IMAGINE] 2015 show making the third show accepting my art through the month of March.  That was a very “High” point of my day, but one that thereby needed a little balancing out.

That balancing was well and truly accomplished by my assembling a long shelf in the laundry room to hold much of my art ready for upcoming shows.  As I was just about finished loading my art onto the shelf, the drywall screws holding it to the wall decided it was not their choice to continue in that labor, and the shelf collapsed five feet to the tile floor.  Needless to say, gravity and its accompanying acceleration took its toll.  Accepting that this was inevitable, I came out pretty well.  Five frames needed to be replaced.  But only one work had to be rethreaded, and that was Tree.

Now what has that to do with my slider?  Considering that much of the damaged art was on the larger, heavier pieces that are going into shows, I have a lot of labor to do before those delivery dates, and so the work on the photos for the slider will have to wait.  You will just have to accept the demo photos I have put in until I have time to format new.


Feb 032015

In and Out, from the Side

IMG_0736 for Web

Detail of “3Rs”

It has been a continuing issue for me to communicate through my website the Three dimensional aspects of my art.  How can I show the depth of a piece if all I have is a two dimensional photograph.  I can encourage them to come to a show, which, obviously, I do.  But when talking about it, and showing a photo on my Android, it is difficult to convey.

I can show a piece from the side. I can show a piece in close up.

I can even show the same section strung in two different ways.  But they are still two dimensional representations of three dimensional object.  Reminds me of a drawing of a Klein Bottle.


In and Out to the Right


In and Out to the Left

So I have attempted a few experiments through a work titled “Daybreak“.

First, I thought to take a few images passing from Left to Right. I thought someone might be able to see the changes in the images.  Then I realized that two of those photographs were so close that looking at one, then the other showed changes that were difficult to see.  But putting them together reminded me of the cards for an old Holmes stereoscope my grandfather had.

Unfortunately I can not supply you with a stereoscope.  But if you can look at the photo below and cross your eyes enough to bring the two images together, you may be able to see the three dimensionality I create.  If you click on the photo below you will start a slide show for this page.  In the upper right corner you will find a close and a pause button.  Pause the slide show and see if you can bring the images together.  The resolution is higher in the slide.  Hopefully it will work for you.


Daybreak Stereoscope





When  I first began this exploration, it was important to me to begin to understand how the shape of the posts or screws affected the creation of curves within the thread structure.  So I began, sitting in a coffee shop in Santa Barbara with a cork board, pins, thread and cups of coffee. Circles began […]



Thank you for staying with me through this time of transition.  I am reworking my site so as to more easily communicate with you all the new art and events that come my way.  Here I will also try to convey some of my thoughts as to images that come to mind and ways I […]